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Various Paint Sheens and where to use them

There is happiness in building a house. While the process may drain you financially, the long-term benefits cannot beat the stress-free life you get to enjoy for the rest of your life. Painting comes in once you are done building the house. Soon after you are done paining, the right coating is necessary. It has to be the right finishing. That is, it is neither too dull nor too light. If it is too light, the room will appear too bright, and a dull color will make it gloomy. It does not have to come up to that when you have different types at your fingertips. Making the correct choice means excellent results and years of service. The paint sheens you should know about are gloss, semi-gloss, satin, matte, flat and eggshell.

You should choose eggshell sheen for the living room, dining area, and even your office. Cleaning walls with eggshell sheen does not require a lot of effort. For that reason, you should never use it when paining outer parts of the house. You can also use flat sheens for indoor spaces like your living room, eating area and office. It works great for such spaces because it seals any areas with dents. Next, you have satin sheens, which you will mostly find in busy places such as schools, children’s playing room as well as their sleeping area. The advantage of satin sheen is that it is sparkly and therefore cleans off well. You also have semi-gloss that is not only easy to wash but is the most lustrous of them all. It is best for cooking areas, bathrooms, and windows. Click this link to learn more about paint sheens.

You lastly have gloss. In terms of shininess, this one comes first. You will mostly find it on doors, cabinets, and areas that experience frequent cleaning. In almost every recently built home, you will find these paints used. Matte is the number of sheen that most people will go for, for their homes or offices. Among the mentioned, it is the most affordable. As much as it is affordable, it is not right for areas accessed by large numbers because it can get messy and cleaning won’t be simple. You also don’t want to go for eggshell walls if you are not prepared for frequent painting. since it can be daunting to know which works best for your space, it is best to know that sheens with the highest level of shine cost more.

Unless you are skilled in painting, you can not do it alone without the help of a qualified painter. Otherwise, you risk buying the wrong wall coating. With a skilled person, you can rest easy knowing the results will be outstanding. Learn more about paint sheen on this page:

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